Audit toolkit – Patient Involvement


Section B of the GCC Code of Practice explains that chiropractors must respect patients’ rights to be involved in decisions about their healthcare. This toolkit facilitates an audit of patient records accross the main elements of this standard. Note that records can be audited across all 32 criteria or you can choose to audit just one or more sections (and exclude criteria which you feel are not relevant) which could be undertaken quite quickly.

How to undertake the audit:

Round 1: Audit the records of your last 20-50 new patients, recording your findings using the excel checklist provided here (right click and ‘save as’ to download). Determine levels of compliance (the spreadsheet calculates this for you), reflect on your findings and decide upon and introduce changes in practice/procedure as required.

Round 2: Repeat with your next 20-50 new patients and review findings (note the second tab on the excel file).

Further rounds may be undertaken. Copy and paste the checklist into a new worksheet.


GCC Code of Practice and Standard of Proficiency