This web page provides a list of Chiropractic Associate jobs that are known to be currently available with RCC members who offer PRT mentoring.

Please note that the positions advertised are not necessarily approved or recommended by the RCC and candidates must satisfy themselves that any post they apply for is suitable for them.

Please note that the list is unlikely to be exhaustive and other PRT Trainers may have Associate positions available, or may be willing to offer PRT training at a distance for those working in another clinic. Please contact us for a full list of registered PRT Trainers in your area.

Please visit the PRT main menu for details about the PRT programme.

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Associate Chiropractor, Wellington Telford, Available Early 2019

Associate Chiropractor, North West London, Available January 2019

Associate Chiropractor, Gloucester, Available November 2018

NHS Chiropractor, Basingstoke/Tadley, Available October 2018

Associate Chiropractor, Lincoln, Available September 2018

Associate Chiropractor, South Lanarkshire, Available August 2018

Associate Chiropractor, Worcestershire, Available July 2018

Associate Chiropractor, Leamington Spa, Available July 2018

Associate Chiropractor, Borehamwood, Available July 2018

Associate Chiropractor, Burton-on-Trent, Available June 2018