E-Learning Resources

The Royal College of Chiropractors holds a large catalogue of online learning resources, from online modules to tutorials and recorded lectures.

Instructional modules (More information)
IM1: Completing a successful CMQM applicationHints and tips on how to prepare a successful CMQM applicationOpen access
IM2: Completing a successful PPQM applicationHints and tips on how to prepare a successful PPQM applicationOpen access
IM3: CPD.RCC Getting Started TutorialHow to use the RCC’s online CPD portfolio system.Open access
IM4: RCC Discovery Service Lecture and How-to GuideHow to use the RCC’s Discovery Service.Open access
Diploma in Pain Management Modules
UPB1: Understanding Psychosocial Barriers Part 1Part 1 of a three-part RCC diploma programme on understanding how non-physical factors can provide barriers to a patient’s recovery, and how to manage them.
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UPB2a: Understanding Psychosocial Barriers Part 2aPart 2a of a three-part RCC diploma programme comprises a series of webinars delivered by psychologists and chiropractors, as an integrated online learning module.
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UPB2b: Understanding Psychosocial Barriers Part 2bPart 2b of a three-part RCC diploma programme comprises a face-to-face workshop consisting largely of small group practical sessions that extend the knowledge developed in UPB1 and UPB2a.
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Test of competence modules
TC1: UK healthcare, the GCC & relevant legislationPreparation for UK GCC Test of competence candidates.
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Modules for undergraduate students
ST1: How to Find the Right JobGuidance for chiropractic undergraduates on gaining suitable employment after graduation.
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Webinars (More information)
WB1: An Introduction to Canine RehabilitationAnimal Faculty webinar with Emma Fretwell.Subscribers only
WB2: Trigeminal Neuralgia & Headshaking in HorsesAnimal Faculty webinar with Sue Devereux.Subscribers only
Modules for PRT candidates
PC1: Getting Established
PC2: Ensuring Patient Loyalty
PC3: Brand Building
PC4: Marketing and Advertising
PC5: Business Finance and Ethics
PC6: Planning Your Marketing
PC7: Tracking Marketing Success
PC8: Becoming A Business Owner
PC9: Motivational interviewing
Business management support for new graduates.
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Modules for PRT trainers
PT1: The PRT Programme: What does it involve?

PT2: What Characterises an Effective Mentor?

PT3: The Learning Cycle and Learning Styles
Online training for PRT Trainers.
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AGM Presidents’ Lectures (secure link)
PL1: The Campaign for Real EBMRCC AGM 2015 delivered by Trish GreenhalghMembers only
PL2: The National Back Pain PathwayRCC AGM 2016 delivered by Charles GreenoughMembers only
PL3: A willing suspension of disbelief: Context, healing and the stories of acute medicineRCC AGM 2017 delivered by Sarah GoldingayMembers only
PL4: The role of the wider public health workforce RCC AGM 2018 delivered by Duncan StephensonMembers only
PL5: MSK Practice: Current state of play, opportunities and challengesRCC AGM 2019 delivered by Lesley HaigMembers only
PL6: Science and humanity: The philosophy of person-centred careRCC AGM 2020 delivered by Professor Michael LoughlinMembers only
Summer Conference Royal Charter Lectures (secure link)

RC1: Evidence-based practice: Looking back and looking forward RCC SC 2017, Professor Jenni BoltonMembers only
Summer Conference Lectures (secure link)
SC1: The interface between evidence and chiropractors in practice in the UKSC 2018 Speaker, Keith WalkerMembers only
SC2: Measuring posture using an appSC 2018 Speaker, Jane JohnsonMembers only
SC3: Contemporary chiropractic care: delivering the message and the serviceSC 2018 Speaker, Dr Dave Newell PhD FRCC (Hon)Members only
SC4: Chiropractic in a comprehensive multidisciplinary clinical research programSC 2018 Speaker, Professor Jan Hartvigsen DC, PhDMembers only
SC5: Knowledge translation of research findings in a chiropractic settingSC 2018 Speaker, Professor Simon French BAppSc (Chiropractic), MPH, PhDMembers only
SC6: Chiropractors as First Contact Practitioners (FCPs)SC 2019 Speaker, Hannah FairrisMembers only
SC7: Communication: psychosocial influencesSC 2019 Speaker, Pat PartingtonMembers only
SC8: Establishing a career in chiropractic academiaSC 2019 Speaker, Mark ThomasMembers only
SC9: Establishing new chiropractic programmes: Opportunities, challenges and participationSC 2019 Speaker, Matthew BennettMembers only
SC10: Emerging models of NHS chiropractic service provisionSC 2019 Speaker, Jonathan FieldMembers only