The Royal College of Chiropractors’ Sport & Exercise Faculty

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Faculty Officers
Chair: Tom Greenway FRCC (Sport)
Secretary: Tim Button FRCC (Sport)
Director of Academic Affairs: Kay Pearce FRCC (Sport)

The RCCSEF was formed following a merger of the College’s existing Sport & Exercise Faculty and the British Chiropractic Sports Council. Its aims are as follows:

(i) To promote the art, science and practice of sports chiropractic
(ii) To improve and maintain standards in sports chiropractic for the benefit of patients;
(iii) To optimise athletic performance through the highest quality of chiropractic management, rehabilitation and prevention of sports related injuries;
(iv) To promote education, training and clinical research into the cause, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports related injuries and the optimisation of athletic performance;
(v) To encourage the investigation and evaluation of sports performance;
(vi) To correlate and disseminate information regarding chiropractic management of sports related injuries to members and the chiropractic profession at large;
(vii) To establish the standardisation of the terminology of sports chiropractic within the chiropractic profession;
(viii) To seek specialist status;
(ix) To seek to maintain and develop the liaison with the student sports chiropractic organisations that have been established in the UK undergraduate colleges;
(x) To be the UK national subscribing member of the Internationale Fédèration de Chiropratique du Sport (“FICS”).

The RCCSEF provides financial support for research projects by RCCSEF members in the field of sports & exercise chiropractic (subject to advice from the RCC Research Committee), provides financial support to RCCSEF members for educational purposes in the field of sports & exercise chiropractic, and provides RCCSEF members with financial support for any other purpose in keeping with the stated aims of the RCCSEF.