RCC Discovery Service & Library

Keeping up to date with published research is easy for RCC members. The RCC Discovery Service is similar to PubMed, but with wider coverage, and allows RCC members to search a huge array of journals, books and articles in one place, including the entire contents of MEDLINE. Many millions of abstracts can be viewed, and the service provides access to more than 3000 full-text publications.

RCC members also have access to a lending library of full-text e-books. These appear in Discovery Service searches. Books can be read in full using the online ‘reader’. Depending on the publisher, short sections or whole books can be downloaded to your computer or printed.

Take a look at what’s included:

A tutorial from RCC Research Director Dr Gay Swait FRCC explaining how to use the Discovery Service.

Keith Walker FRCC talks through the practical uses of the Discovery Service.

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