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RCC PRT Programme: How to register

Please contact admin@rcc-uk.org to register.

We will support you in completing the PRT Registration & Provisional Membership Application Form and Direct Debit form (available to download below).

RCC PRT Registration Forms

What is PRT?

  • The ‘PRT’ (post-registration training) programme is the UK’s Graduate Education Programme for recently-qualified chiropractors.
  • PRT is something new graduates do during their first year in practice and is run for the UK chiropractic profession by the Royal College of Chiropractors.
  • PRT helps ensure a smooth transition from the undergraduate setting to autonomous professional practice in the clinical setting and is designed to be helpful and supportive.
  • While participating in PRT, graduates are registered as Provisional Members of the Royal College of Chiropractors. Once PRT is complete, they gain Licentiate membership and the postnominal letters, LRCC. Routes are then in place for progression to full Membership (MRCC) and Fellowship (FRCC).
  • The Professional Associations have long recognised the value of the PRT and the three largest associations, BCA, MCA and UCA, actively encourage participation. The BCA and the MCA require successful completion of the PRT before assigning full membership.
  • You can do the PRT regardless of which Professional Association you join.
  • Participation in the PRT costs £20.83 per month, normally for 12 months. This includes all the CPD hours required by the GCC in the first year plus online learning modules in business management and the usual membership benefits of the Royal College, described here.

Overview of the PRT Programme

PRT enables newly qualified chiropractors to work in professional clinical settings in regular contact with more experienced colleagues who act as trainers/mentors. In addition to practical clinical aspects, further structured education is provided. The overarching aim of PRT is the smooth transition from the undergraduate setting to autonomous professional practice in the clinical setting.

The PRT programme includes the following components:

  • Practice-based learning (regular discussions and observations with your Trainer)
  • Experiential learning (discussions and observations of other professionals)
  • Participation in regional workshops and CPD with your peers (as organised by a regional Tutor) N.B. These are currently being run as live webinars.
  • Reflection and development planning (identifying and addressing your own learning needs)
  • Clinical review/audit (measuring and comparing your own and/or the clinic’s practice using tools provided)

Each graduate is partnered with a recognised Trainer/Mentor with whom they have regular contact.

It is preferable but not essential for a Trainer to work in the same practice as a new graduate in order for that graduate to participate in the PRT scheme. It is acceptable for a graduate to participate even where s/he and the Trainer work in separate locations or even for different practices. This includes where a graduate is setting up a separate clinic.

While payment of the PRT fee is the responsibility of the graduate, it has been suggested that, where a new graduate is their Trainer’s Associate, all or part of the cost may be met by the Trainer and a number of Trainers do sponsor their graduates in this way.

The PRT programme is normally completed within 12 months of registration on the scheme. However, this can be extended where there are mitigating circumstances.

The cost of providing the RCC PRT programme

Provisional membership of the RCC and participation in the PRT postgraduate training programme go hand-in-hand. Provisional members normally pay a subscription fee of £20.83 per month (£250 for the year) and this includes provision of many of the RCC’s usual membership benefits, and provision of the PRT programme. This document outlines the costs of the PRT programme.

PRT Feedback

Each year, we undertake a comprehensive survey of candidates’ and trainers’ experiences of the PRT programme. This survey informs an annual review process that assembles feedback data from every regional PRT meeting, quarterly progress reviews and the views of the Professional Associations. Our response to the 2019/20 feedback survey is here.

PRT forms for download

Membership Benefits

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