About the RCCSF

Chiropractors have been involved in the treatment of sports people and sports-related injuries from the very beginning of the profession. As a discipline that deals with functional disorders of the joints it is eminently suited to being included as part of the medical back-up team of any sport.

Until recently chiropractors tended to work on their own, making contacts and working with individuals or sporting bodies on their own initiative without reference to any one else in the profession. It was seen that this was not the way that would give the most benefit to those who are involved in sport at whatever level. The British Chiropractic Sports Council (BCSC) was founded by enthusiasts who gave willingly of their time and effort. In 2014, the BCSC was incorporated into the RCC’s existing Sport Faculty to form the RCCSF.

International recognition

The RCCSF now functions as the national chiropractic sports council for the UK and is the official national member of the Fédèration Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) which is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the International Olympic Committee. FICS is currently in negotiation with the IOC concerning the inclusion of chiropractors in the base medical facilities for future Olympic Games. The US, Canada and New Zealand have included chiropractors in their teams for many years and many top athletes can attest to their skills. Chiropractors have now worked in the Polyclinic at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the London 2012 Olympics in the polyclinics at the three Olympic villages.

Prevent injury & optimise performance

Treatment in the field

The RCCSF is aware that the care of athletes in the clinical setting, away from competition, is different from their management at an event. Some chiropractors do not want, or have not got the time, to attend meetings or events so wish only to work in their own clinics or in specialist sports injury facilities. The RCCSF is an organisation of practically-minded chiropractors who have an interest in working “in the field.”


A post-graduate certificate programme has been in existence for several years and this has now been superseded by the International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma (ICCSD), developed by the FICS Education Board. Possession of this diploma is necessary for accreditation at international sports events where FICS organises chiropractic support for the medical teams, e.g. the World Games. The importance of further education cannot be emphasised enough and we have, in our membership, chiropractors who have taken or are taking MSc Sports Medicine, or similar, courses at Nottingham University, Sheffield University, Bristol University and Cardiff University. More courses are becoming available, including a new distance learning MSc at the University of South Wales.


We also recognise the benefits of experience. Fellowship, Membership and Licentiateship of the RCCSF is only granted to those chiropractors with relevant postgraduate qualifications (MSc, PGDip or PGCert/ICSSD respectively, or equivalent), but for those who do not possess these qualifications, then associate membership allows them to gain experience and knowledge from the full members.

Our membership includes chiropractors with experience in many different sports who have competed and worked at all levels. Experience and knowledge are growing rapidly as the benefits of having a chiropractor on the team are beginning to be recognised by more and more sports people and organisations.