New National Restrictions


New National Restrictions (to reduce the spread of coronavirus)

The new national restrictions that apply in England from today until Wednesday 2 December 2020 are designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus and thus reduce pressure on the NHS, whilst allowing schools and universities to remain open and as many people as possible to continue to work. During this period, people are being asked to stay at home and avoid meeting people they do not live with. Some businesses are required to close, but Chiropractic clinics are permitted to remain open, along with other healthcare services (p32 #47).

To ensure patient and public safety is maintained, Chiropractors who continue to provide care during this time should do so with robust risk-assessed procedures in place that take into account the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

The General Chiropractic Council has outlined its expectations of registrants in its November newsletter and the RCC recommends that Chiropractors follow the detailed advice provided by their Professional Association.

New Premises for The Royal College of Chiropractors


New Premises for The Royal College of Chiropractors

Please be advised that the Royal College of Chiropractors will be operating from new premises w.e.f. Monday 9th November 2020.

Located at the heart of Henley-on-Thames, best known for its annual Royal Regatta, our new premises will provide a more modern office space that betters suits our current working needs and better supports our ability to provide an efficient and effective service.

Accessibility to the building is excellent with dedicated parking, a permanent access ramp, ground-floor meeting facilities and a lift to our main first-floor office. The building is situated 100m from the railway station.

Any mail received at our old address will be collected/forwarded for a limited period, but please ensure all future mail is sent to our new address, as follows:

Chiltern House
45 Station Road
United Kingdom

N.B. CMQM applications, which are due by tomorrow, will be safely received at our old address.

All other contact details remain the same:

T: +44 (0)1491 340022

Please bear with us during our move which will take place between Friday 6th and Sunday 8th November; calls may be diverted to voicemail during this period.

Inquest into the death of Mr John Lawler


Inquest into the death of Mr John Lawler

The Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC) was deeply concerned to learn of the death of Mr John Lawler, and our thoughts are with his family.

Chiropractic practice is regulated by the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and, following the recent coroner’s inquest, it is now appropriate for the details of this sad event to be considered by the GCC’s Investigating Committee. We are confident that the GCC will consider the case swiftly and appropriately.

It is vital that the profession learns from this, and we intend to work with the GCC and the wider profession to help ensure that this is the case.