Chiropractic Practice Standard: Communication with Patients

CONSULTATION: Chiropractic Practice Standard: Communication with Patients – NOW CLOSED

The Royal College of Chiropractors’ Chiropractic Practice Standards are new, evidence-based documents designed to help chiropractors meet their obligations in the provision of patient care and/or the governance of their services. For each area of practice, they:

  • Highlight relevant elements of the General Chiropractic Council’s Code as requirements;
  • Provide expected standards of practice informed by the evidence;
  • Provide additional helpful guidance
  • Provide a benchmark for normal practice

The first Chiropractic Practice Standard in the series is concerned with communication with patients.

Good communication is the cornerstone of a chiropractor’s interaction with their patients and the GCC Code requires chiropractors to communicate properly and effectively with patients in order to establish and maintain a professional relationship and encourage patients to take an informed role in their care.

The Communication with Patients Chiropractic Practice Standard focuses on those areas of chiropractic practice where good communication is key, and highlights the principles and expected standards of practice in a chiropractic care setting.

The RCC now wishes to consult on the content of the draft document. The consultation is aimed, in particular, at the chiropractic profession, but the RCC is also keen to hear from other health professionals, health & care organisations, commissioners, patients and the public. It particularly wishes obtain views on the following questions:

  1. Have we identified all the relevant requirements of chiropractors in the context of communication with patients
  2. Do the expected standards of practice reflect normal practice and have we included the appropriate evidence to support them? Is anything missing?
  3. Should we include any additional guidance?
  4. Are our statements clearly expressed such that chiropractors, other health professionals, health & care organisations, commissioners, patients and public can reasonably be expected to understand what we mean?

The consultation document is available for review here.

This consultation is now closed