Applying to join an RCC specialist faculty

Specialist Faculty membership provides a pathway to develop and be recognised for your special competencies and experience. This is very important if you wish to develop your clinical practice in a particular field such as sport or paediatrics. It also provides discounted fees for specific CPD events, online resources (as applicable) and networking with like-minded colleagues.

Membership of the RCC’s specialist faculties is based on demonstrable interest and, subsequently, demonstration of defined competencies at M-level (Masters level) and/or equivalent. Each of the specialist faculties has produced a core-competencies document and defined the routes to achieve membership.

If you are not a current RCC member
Please complete and return the RCC Membership Application Form first. The form and guidance on how to complete it are available from the Membership sub-menu item, How to complete your membership application form. We will be able to identify whether you may also eligible for specialist faculty membership and will contact you in this regard.

If you are an  existing RCC member wishing to upgrade your specialist faculty membership
Please contact for advice.

If you are an  existing RCC member wishing to join a specialist faculty
Please contact for advice. Depending on the faculty of interest, you will need to either complete a recognised M-level programme, or undertake a specific education programme developed by the faculty and complete a detailed clinical logbook to demonstrate achievement of the required competencies.