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Chair: Meriel Davis FRCC (Sport)
Secretary: Iain Crombie FRCC (Sport)
Director of Academic Affairs: Dan Morgan FRCC (Sport)

The RCCSF was formed following a merger of the College’s existing Sports Faculty and the British Chiropractic Sports Council. Its aims are as follows:

(i) To promote the art, science and practice of sports chiropractic
(ii) To improve and maintain standards in sports chiropractic for the benefit of patients;
(iii) To optimise athletic performance through the highest quality of chiropractic management, rehabilitation and prevention of sports related injuries;
(iv) To promote education, training and clinical research into the cause, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports related injuries and the optimisation of athletic performance;
(v) To encourage the investigation and evaluation of sports performance;
(vi) To correlate and disseminate information regarding chiropractic management of sports related injuries to members and the chiropractic profession at large;
(vii) To establish the standardisation of the terminology of sports chiropractic within the chiropractic profession;
(viii) To seek specialist status;
(ix) To seek to maintain and develop the liaison with the student sports chiropractic organisations that have been established in the UK undergraduate colleges;
(x) To be the UK national subscribing member of the Internationale Fédèration de Chiropratique du Sport (“FICS”).

The RCCSF provides financial support for research projects by RCCSF members in the field of sports chiropractic (subject to advice from the RCC Research Committee), provides financial support to RCCSF members for educational purposes in the field of sports chiropractic, and provides RCCSF members with financial support for any other purpose in keeping with the stated aims of the RCCSF.

Membership of the RCC Sports Faculty (RCCSF)

Any RCC member can join the RCCSF as an Associate, simply by demonstrating an interest in Sports Chiropractic. Please contact for advice.

The pathway to achieve Licentiate status within the RCCSF is to complete the International Sports Chiropractic Certificate (ICSC). This is an excellent programme, which includes hands-on seminars co-organised in the UK by FICS and the RCCSF, and provides a ‘minimum standard’ for sports chiropractic practice.

The RCCSF has defined core competencies that one must achieve in order to progress to full Member status of the RCCSF. These core competencies are described in the RCC publication Core Competencies of the Sports Chiropractor [MRCC (Sport)] which has been developed with close reference to: (a) the curricula of a range of sports medicine and sports chiropractic education programmes, and (b) the requirements of contemporary sports chiropractic practice across a range of sports at different levels of competition.

Many of the competencies defined in this document are addressed by the ICSC programme, and some are additional competencies that require further professional development. In the summer of 2023, the RCCSF will launch a new education programme to support Licentiates of the RCCSF in achieving these additional competencies, enabling them to achieve full Member status. This programme will provide a helpful addition to the ICSC, setting an even higher standard for sports chiropractors in the UK that should equip you to develop your sports career further. Achievement of competencies will need to be demonstrated by completion of a detailed clinical logbook.

To understand what this development means for you as an existing Associate, Licentiate, Member or Fellow of the RCCSF, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the RCC head office, in the first instance, at

Frequently asked questions

What does the Core Competencies of the Sports Chiropractor [MRCC (Sport)] document mean for existing Members and Fellows of the RCCSF?
Current Members and Fellows of the RCCSF now have the opportunity, and are positively encouraged, to review the document, identify any personal learning needs and plan any learning required as part of their CPD activity going forward. To help you, the RCCSF is producing an education programme which will be launched in the summer of 2023. You will have access to this.

What does the Core Competencies of the Sports Chiropractor [MRCC (Sport)] document mean for RCCSF Associates and non-members?
If you successfully complete the FICS ICSC programme, you will have demonstrated many of the Core Competencies defined in the document and you will be eligible for Licentiate status of the RCCSF.

What does the Core Competencies of the Sports Chiropractor [MRCC (Sport)] document mean for Licentiates of the RCCSF?
If you are an RCCSF Licentiate, you will already have many of the core competencies defined in the document. However, to achieve RCCSF Membership status, you will need to achieve and demonstrate the remaining competencies. To help you do this, the RCCSF is developing an education programme and associated clinical logbook which will be launched in the summer of 2023, and it will be made clear which competencies you need to address and how. Just as with the ICSC programme, attaining these additional core competencies will be challenging and will take time, but will be worthwhile and achievable.

Progressing to Fellowship after achieving all the core competencies defined in Core Competencies of the Sports Chiropractor [MRCC (Sport)]
To progress to Fellowship status, you can mix and match any of the following to demonstrate further relevant competencies/achievement: completion of a focused/more extensive clinical logbook documenting relevant cases managed, formal M-level study (e.g. any relevant MSc studies), relevant activity as a teacher/assessor, active involvement in relevant committee activity and/or publication of peer-reviewed articles. Please contact to discuss a tailored approach that will be suitable for you.