CPAQ Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

Chiropractors routinely survey patients to obtain feedback on their services, however the questionnaires used for this activity are not always validated.

The Royal College of Chiropractors has developed a suitable tool for the collection of patient satisfaction data using an online survey. This was done by adapting an existing, validated tool used widely by GPs (GPAQ), renamed as ‘CPAQ’. You can evaluate CPAQ by visting:

If you wish to actually use this questionnaire for your patients, please contact to obtain a specific link for your clinic which you can then email to your patients. Alternatively, some clinics use a tablet, such as an iPad, so that patients can complete the questionnaire in the clinic.

The data obtained using this system is collected centrally and, as a special membership benefit, analysed and forwarded to you as a range of formatted excel and pdf files which include pre-prepared charts. Participants are encouraged to openly publish the feedback data on their websites.