RCC MYMOP® initiative

Use of the Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP®), or other validated patient-reported outcome measurement tool, is helpful in identifying whether, from the patient’s perspective, certain aspects of their health status change over time.

MYMOP® measures patient-perceived changes in symptom severity, wellbeing and ability to undertake a key activity. These measures are combined to provide a ‘profile’ which is quantified before and at one or more intervals during a course of treatment.

A demonstration of positive change among patients through use of such a tool does not unequivocally prove the clinical effectiveness of the intervention, but it does show that important aspects of a patient’s health status improve during the period they are receiving care and a number of agencies use patient-reported outcome data as an indicator of the value of the clinical service. A large dataset provides prognostic insight and flags up deviations from the norm which can be quickly recognised and acted upon.

The RCC collated the MYMOP® findings of 50+ clinics, collected between 2010 and 2021, and this national outcome data can be viewed here.

Key elements of the initiative

The Royal College of Chiropractors was previously able to provide the following free service to its members:

  • Simple online collection point for MYMOP® data.
  • Central processing of MYMOP® data from each participating clinic to produce clinic-specific patient outcome results for a range of musculoskeletal diagnoses/conditions in the form of patient-friendly graphs. Clinics can choose to publish these results.
  • Collating and processing all the MYMOP® data centrally to produce national outcome results for a range of diagnoses/conditions. Clinics can choose to publish these national results alongside their own to enable comparisons to be made.
  • The College regularly provides participating clinics with updated results as the data-set grows and publishes the combined, national results on its website. Clinics retain possession of their data for each patient and may choose to collect further follow-up data for their own records.

Following a change of ownership of MYMOP®, licensing fees are now payable for clinics who wish to use the tool and the RCC is no longer able to offer its service.

If you wish to continue using MYMOP®, please visit https://www.meaningfulmeasures.co.uk/mymop for licensing details.